Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA

Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA
Muhammad Amir Rana, Safdar Sial, Abdul Basit
Date of Publication
March 2010
Rs. 850/- (In Pakistan), US$ 30.00
Edition 1st
Related Research Focus
Terrorism, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
Contextualizing the militancy in FATA and the region at large is imperative not only to demystify recent developments but also to plan a long-term strategy to counter the threat of terrorism emerging from FATA. This publication is an attempt to explore the dynamics of insurgency in a complex region at a crucial juncture. It discusses at length the factors behind the evolution of militancy in FATA and chronicles the role of Arab militants during the Afghan-Soviet war and their ideological influence over Afghan and Pakistani militant groups. This narrative also explores the militant networks in FATA, patterns of Talibanization and other developments after the launch of the war on terror, the counterinsurgency perspectives and the security implications for the region.


I.  Militant Landscape of FATA: Backgrounders
1.         Role of Arab Militants and Charities during and after Soviet-Afghan War              (Muhammad Amir Rana)
2.         Evolution of Militant Groups in FATA and Adjacent Areas
(Muhammad Amir Rana)
3.         Post-9/11 Developments and Emergence of Local Taliban Groups
(Muhammad Amir Rana)
4.         Militant Landscape after Miranshah Agreement (Abdul Basit)
5.         Patterns of Talibanization in FATA (Safdar Sial)

II. Dynamics of Insurgency: Implications and Counter-Strategies
1.         Threat Assessment and Security Implications for the Region (Safdar Sial)
2.         Life in FATA amid Ongoing Conflict (Abdul Basit)
3.         Taliban Insurgency in Pakistan: A Counterinsurgency Perspective              (Muhammad Amir Rana)

III. Fact Files
1.         Frontier Crimes Regulations Reforms
2.         Peace Agreements between State and Militants
3.         Military Operations
4.         Terrorist Attacks
5.         Suicide Attacks (Chronology)
6.         Important Al-Qaeda Operatives / Foreigners Killed in FATA



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